Hanna is highly skilled and extremely hard working and enthusiastic individual and always looking to learn new skills. She firmly believes that this ever growing skill palette, alongside her constant willingness to learn, desire to succeed and enormous enthusiasm will help her achieves successful career in the industry. She has strong communicative and interpersonal skills, while has a great self drive to ensure all projects she face are of the highest calibre.

Hanna works as an integrated designer, design researcher and she continues to work in various design fields. She has variety experiences from automotive to fine dining and cosmetic industries with multi national culture basis.

Hanna has strong willing to build quality projects which can leads its major industry with her multi-national experiences from London, Seoul, Vientiane, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and Melbourne. She is ready to handle all projects with her honest and passionate attitudes.

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International experiences from Seoul, London, Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne

Graphic design90

Product & Interior design80



Graphic design
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign


Product & Interior
Rhino, Keyshot, Sketchup pro, AutoCad

Finalcut pro

Graphic, digital, website, 3D visualisation, 3D rendering, interior, product design.

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